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The National Indian Head Start Directors Association (NIHSDA) is the ONLY national organization which represents American Indian and Alaska Native Head Start/Early Head Start programs exclusively. We know you have many choices of membership to early childhood education organizations, and that is why our main focus is on YOU and YOUR program when addressing HS/EHS issues. While NIHSDA partners with the National Head Start Association (NHSA), we are a separate organization, and our concentration is on AI/AN grantees.


In order to provide you with the latest information and research as well as a unified stance on issues important to the HS/EHS community, NIHSDA maintains many partnerships with other early childhood education associations and collaborates with major stakeholders.

Grantee Membership

The general membership of NIHSDA will be open to American Indian/Alaska Native Head Start and Early Head Start Directors. When the director supervises both Early Head Start and Preschool Head Start, the program joins as one member and will have one vote. When both Head Start and Early Head Start programs are managed by different directors, each program can join the Association and each will carry one vote. Annual membership dues are based on the agency’s annual funding level. 


Dues are payable by May 31st of each year and the term of membership is from June 1st to May 31st.  Dues are not prorated.


Your Grantee Membership will include:

  • Input in the NIHSDA Advocacy Agenda

  • Member discount on NIHSDA trainings

  • Access to the NIHSDA Listserv

  • Discounted rate on Teaching Strategies GOLD online

  • Professional Organization Membership for all program staff for CDA renewall

  • NIHSDA Awards

  • Quarterly Newsletter

  • Job postings

  • Consultant Directory

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Associate Membership

Associate membership will be open to any interested individual or organization who does not qualify for general membership. Associate members will not be entitled to vote on any matters submitted to a vote of the general membership and cannot be members of the Board of Directors. Associate Membership year is January 1 to December 31. Annual membership dues are $100.


Your Associate Membership will include:

  • A copy of the AIAN Head Start Directory

  • Member discount on NIHSDA trainings

  • NIHSDA email updates

  • Quarterly newsletter

  • Listing in our online Consultant Directory

  • Your promotional material sent via email to our membership once each membership year

Show your support and become an advocate for American Indian/Alaska Native children and families by joining NIHSDA today!

What Directors are Saying About NIHSDA:


“I joined NIHSDA for support and I love the information that comes out on the listserv. I found the conference to be one of the best conferences I've been to with the OHS staff often taking part and available to their Grantees. I like the quality of the training's offered and the continued help with resources. I love being a member of NIHSDA and I'd recommend it to any Director coming in. I love the fact that we've hired Greg and have advocacy occurring on our behalf.“

Anne Reddy, Director

Rural America Initiatives HS/EHS



“The discount I receive from Teaching Strategies subscription for being a member of NIHSDA more than covers my entire annual membership dues!”

Vikki Bishop, Director

Grand Ronde HS/EHS



“I joined NIHSDA because I was a new Director to Head Start. It did not take me long to discover that the organization would provide me with information through the listserv, trainings, and conferences. The individuals who were on the board were veteran Native American Head Start Directors. Their knowledge and experience has accelerated my development, and I appreciate their willingness to share what they know in order to make every AIAN Head Start successful.”

Bill Rosenberg, Director

Pascua Yaqui HS


Corporate Membership

Corporate Membership will be open to any company that supports quality early childhood development. Corporate members will not be entitled to vote on any matters submitted to a vote of the general membership and cannot be members of the Board of Directors.  Corporate Membership year is January 1 to December 31.

Tier 1 Corporate Membership - $500

  • A web link on the NIHSDA web page

  • 25% discount on vendor space at the NIHSDA Management Training Conference

  • 25% discount on advertising space in the conference program

  • Your promotional material sent via email to our membership once each quarter

  • Recognition in the conference program as a corporate sponsor

Tier 2 Corporate Membership - $1,000

  • All Tier 1 benefits PLUS

  • Opportunity to provide educational and product information webinars two times per year to AIAN Head Start/Early Head Start grantees. Webinars will be hosted and promoted by NIHSDA.

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