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TUESDAY, June 10, 2014


8:00 am

You Cannot Give Away What You Do Not Have: Compassion Fatigue (Theda New Breast)


10:30 am

Linking Planning, On-going Monitoring, and Self Assessment as it Applies to the Five Year Funding Cycle (Sherrie Rudick, Mavany Verdugo)


Nurturing the Spirit - Beyond Behavior Management (Amy Donnan, Ann Bradach, Tracy Rich)


Program Governance: Ensuring Program Success in Changing Times (Melvin Gravely)


Thoughtful Approaches in Supporting School Readiness Series Part 1 (Patrice Griffin, Nicolle Jones)


Everything You Want to Know about ERSEA: Eligibility, Selection, Enrollment and Attendance (Betsy McDougal)


Infusing Community Culture into Picture Storybooks: Building Literacy (Candy Villagomez, Leslie Teller)


The Emerging Leaders for Head Start Programs (Yvette Dobbs)


Using Ongoing Assessment Data to Support School Readiness Goals for Infants and Toddlers (Donna Britt, Sheryl Hammock)


1:30 pm

Conducting Effective Meetings: New and Improved Strategies for Productive Governance (Melvin Gravely)


Thoughtful Approaches in Supporting School Readiness Series Part 2 (Patrice Griffin, Nicolle Jones)


Using Indigenous Language and Culture in Early Childhood Emergent Literacy Instruction (Candy Villagomez, Leslie Teller)


WEDNESDAY, June 11, 2014


8:00 am

It is a New Day: The 5 Year Grant Application and How Data Tells Our Story (Steven Russell, Melissa Windyboy)


Trauma, Toxic Stress, and Resilience (Colleen Kraft)


Building Successful Teams within Your Head Start Program (Melvin Gravely)


Thoughtful Approaches in Supporting School Readiness Series Part 3 (Patrice Griffin, Nicolle Jones)


Moving from Parent Involvement to Family Engagement (Guylaine Richard)


How Curriculum and Ongoing Assessment Address School Readiness and Enable Teachers to Promote Positive Outcomes for all Children (Breeyn Mack) - Handouts Unavailable


Professional Development: How the CDA™ is Meeting the Diverse Needs of Teaching Staff in Head Start and Early Head Start Tribal Programs (Myra Crouch)


Hand-in-Hand: Quality Data and Quality Services for Infants, Toddlers, and Families (Donna Britt, Sheryl Hammock)


10:30 am

Strategies to Support and Encourage Healthy Active Living (Laura Brooke, Elaine Shea)


Discover the Comprehensive CLASS System: Learning about, Measuring, and Improving Interactions (Beth Rawls)


Attitudes and Practices for Building Positive Goal-Oriented Relationships (Guylaine Richard)


Our 4 Brains – Understanding and Utilizing Our Whole Brain for Learning and Retention (Gillian Hubler, Michael Hubler)


Keeping it real: Using persona dolls to set the stage for developmentally appropriate teaching about culture, identity, social skills, and bullying (Meg Thomas)


1:30 pm

CLASS, School Readiness Tracking (Carolyn Heyliger-Graham)


Taking Care of Ourselves: Stress Reduction (Laura Brooke, Elaine Shea)


Supporting Children with Disabilities (Jarma Wrighten, Pat Trow)


The Power of Effective Feedback: Using CLASS Observations as a Catalyst for Professional Growth (Beth Rawls)


Engaging Families in the Goal-Setting Process (Guylaine Richard)


SEAL – Social, Emotional Academic Learning - Using American Sign Language (ASL) to Enhance Social and Emotional Learning; and Improve Classroom Management (Lillian Hubler, Michael Hubler)


Sharing Stories, Changing Lives; Powerful tools to support children to value who they are, care about others and stand up to teasing and bullying (Meg Thomas)


Individualizing Routines for Infants and Toddlers (Breeyn Mack) - Handouts Unavailable


THURSDAY, June 12, 2014


8:00 am

Strategic Planning: Engaging Families and the Community in our Future (Steven Russell)    


Introduction to Fiscal Management for Directors & Managers – What You Need to Know (Arnold Ramirez)    


Why Good Governance Matters (Karen Pucciarelli, Mavany Verdugo)


CLASS Instructional Support: An Introduction to Improvement Strategies (Beth Rawls)


Measuring What Matters: An Overview of the Four Data Activities Cycle (Guylaine Richard)    


Everyone Can Sign - Proper use of sign language for classroom inclusion of children with special needs (Lillian Hubler, Michael Hubler)


Feel the Beat: Implementing a Study of Music Making in a Pre-School Classroom (Breeyn Mack) - Handouts Unavailable


Supporting Staff in Establishing and Maintaining Professional Boundaries (Jan Greenberg, Sheryl Hammock)


10:30 am

What’s all that “Buzz” about Program Goals and School Readiness Goals? (Jarma Wrighten)


Engaging Parents in their Child’s Early Learning and Social Development (Willeen Whipple)


1:30 pm

What Everyone Needs to Know about Monitoring in 2015 (Adia Brown)


2014 NIHSDA Management Training Conference

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