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Singing Our Stories

NIHSDA Management Training Conference - Nashville, TN     June 11-14, 2018


Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Introduction to Online Learning

Changing the Way We See Native America: Dismantling Native American Stereotypes

Understanding the IEP Process and Working with LEAs

The Consequences of Adverse Childhood Trauma within Native American Tribes

Choosing Children's Books for Your Preschool Classroom that are Culturally Relevant

Engaging with the EHS-CC Partnership Suite of New Training Modules

Child Assessment Data to Inform School Readiness Goals and Planning

Self Care is Not About Self-Indulgence - The Family Connections Approach to Well-Being

CLASS Dimensions: An Overview

Building Strong Foundations with Alaska Native Families through Alaska Native Cultures and Education

Trauma, Resilience, and Trauma-Informed Care

Community Assessment and Program Design: Planning Responsive Services

New Resources to Support EHS-CC Partnerships with Family Child Care

Safe Facilities

Think Outside the Sandbox

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Using the Early Learning Outcomes Framework to Guide Effective Practice: Implementation Toolkit

Tribal Language and Culture Experiences among Children in Region XI Head Start | Findings from the American Indian and Alaska Native Head Start Family and Child Experiences Survey 2015
The Role of Leadership in School Readiness, Part I: Leadership, Data and School Readiness
The Role of Leadership in School Readiness, Part II: Developing Systems For Promoting Positive Outcomes For Children and Families

Head Start Monitoring Updates
Engaging Head Start Families through the Facilitation of the Touchpoints Parenting Program Curriculum
Community and Self-Assessment: Strategic Planning Tools
In Pursuit of Optimal Fidelity: Bringing Your Coaching “A” Game to Head Start
Inspired Leadership Using Appreciate Inquiry
Data Management with ChildPlus


Thursday, June 14, 2018

Using Scope and Sequence to Plan and Implement a Responsive Curriculum
Making Connections: Aligning Program Planning, School Readiness, and Family Engagement
Enhancing Early Childhood Communication: Creating A Strong Foundation for Learning & Language Development 
Strengthening Financial Management Systems: Cost Allocation
Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACES) and their Impact on Child Development
A Systems Approach to School Readiness
Child Passenger Safety

Early Childhood Social & Emotional Development: Positive Reinforcement, Prevention, and Learning
Nutrition and Healthy Active Living
Collecting, Analyzing, and Using Health Data for Program Planning and Continuous Improvement
Implementing Curriculum to Fidelity
Planning and Managing a Sustainable Language Revitalization Program 
Quality Indicators and Data
REPEAT: Inspired Leadership using Appreciate Inquiry
Motivating and Understanding Young Children's Communication Language and Using Our 4 Brains & Communication Language 
Five-Year Grant Instructions
Restructuring the Preschool Morning Routine for Student Success

2018 Management Training Conference

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